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Personal Stylist and Image Consultant


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Styling Services offered by alison.style

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Getting dressed should be hassle free...

The purpose of alison.style is to ensure getting dressed everyday is completely effortless, whilst elevating your confidence and celebrating you as an individual as we develop your aspired style.


What do I offer?

I want to take the hassle out of shopping and minimise the stress associated with building outfits. With the support offered by alison.style, no one should ever leave their home feeling ‘undone’, uncomfortable or untrue to themselves in what they are wearing.

Communication lies at the very heart of this service. I really get to know each client as an individual and whether we build this relationship by email, phone or in person, the purpose is to establish an environment where you feel comfortable enough to be completely honest with me about your style aspirations, shape, size, any body conscious areas you may have, your preferred budget and taste. The sooner we establish this the better, then we can really get started on the fun bit!


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Why use alison.style?

I like to use unexpected pairings of print and colour whilst working with structure and silhouette to cleverly highlight and/or conceal so you feel confident and styled in looks completely unique to you. Ever since I have been young I have been told that my unique skill is to take clothes and accessories and make them look high end, striking and timelessly stylish rather than direct imitations from the catwalks or from in-store mannequins.

Coming up with original ideas on how to wear clothes and accessories so that you never look or feel like someone else, instead feeling like the best version of you whilst inspiring and innovating others is why I hope my service will work perfectly for your needs.

After working with you, will I find it easier to shop for myself?

I want to educate you about you to ensure shopping becomes easier after we work together. By explaining what will work well for you (whether in person, online or over the phone depending on which styling service you select) will ensure that you are drawn to pieces you may have been missing when browsing which I know will work brilliantly for you. I don't believe in strict rules when it comes to styling but will be sure to always strive to source items which will make you look your best! All looks and pieces selected for you will take shape, colouring and style aspirations into consideration and I ensure to always write lots of text alongside items to let you why it will work well for you, as well as how to wear, mix and match and dress up or down.

What brands do you use?

I work with all brands, from high end to high street to boutiques. Pairing together different brands is what I feel makes this service different as what you will receive has been built with everything you let me know about yourself in mind. I may include trend led items, those worthy of investment due to their versatility and quality, up and coming brands (to ensure you are one step ahead of the crowd!) and staples to build your capsule wardrobe outfit base. This allows me to create a look that is unique to you, capturing your aspired style but not forgetting about budget or lifestyle practicalities.

When we chat we can discuss budget to ensure that your selection is something you can comfortably shop from!

Unlocking the unique style potential each client brings with them is a real passion of mine. I look forward to hearing from you and can’t wait to embark on your style journey with you!